Japanese language test for aspiring Nepali workers on Oct 27-28

Kathmandu, August 14: The government is all set to conduct language test of those Nepali workers looking to go to Japan on October 27 and 28. Likewise, their skill test is taking place on November 6 and 7.

Even though the Japanese government has not yet fixed the quota for Nepali labourers in the current year, it is eager to take them for to care –taking job in the first phase, according to media reports.

“Japan is expected to start hiring the workers   from Nepal within two months of the completion of the language and skills tests,” reportedly said the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

The two countries had signed a memorandum of cooperation on March 25 regarding the supply of Nepali to the world’s third-largest economy in 14 different job categories.

On March 25, the government had signed with Japan to pave the way for Nepali workers to travel to the world’s third-largest economy for employment in 14 job categories.

Under the agreement, Nepali migrant workers will be hired in care-giving, building cleaning management, machine parts and tooling, industrial machinery, electric, electronic, information and construction industries, among others.

 Other sectors include shipbuilding and ship machinery, automobile repair and maintenance, aviation, accommodation, agriculture, fishery and aquaculture, manufacturing of food and beverages and food service industry.