Aarti Strips launches earthquake resistant TMT bars

Kathmandu, January 5 : Aarti Strips Pvt Ltd., one of the leading steel companies of Nepal, has recently launched its two new TMT bar products, Aarti PERFECT and Aarti TIGER.

Sanjeev Sharma, President, Aarti Strips, said,” The new  TMT bars are made by using good quality billets, not scraps. Therefore, they ensure higher bonding with concrete resulting in  the longevity of the construction. Similarly, they are anti-corrosive that is needed for longevity of construction and also offer higher bendability for ease in construction.”

Based on European technology, these products are said to be earthquake resistant.

It is for the first time in Nepal that any TMT brand offers 550D (ductility) which makes it earthquake resistant, the company claims.

The Aarti PERFECT and Aarti TIGER are available all over Nepal.


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