About Us

The Nepali private sector, of course, has been demonstrating substantial resilience and resourcefulness to move forward the country’s economy despite chronic political disorder and unfriendly business climate.

Even though the country’s business communities have been facing myriad of obstacles to fully bring their potentials to light, they are indeed making encouraging progress in various sectors like financial services, housing and hydropower, among others.

No doubt, the private sector is now operating at much larger scales that are assisting the country’s economy to integrate with global economy. It will not be naivety to say that the private sector is also struggling hard to reset the pace of the country’s economy, which is being dogged by many anomalies.

Still, there is a greater need for the business communities to adjust and adapt themselves to evolving trends and techniques in global business realm so that they could take a much larger role in turning around the country’s commercial landscapes. It goes without saying that the historical political gains that country has achieved in recent years will not be sustainable without economic prosperity.

In this light, we have come up with the concept of the CEO to assist in shaping the robust economic future of the economy by depicting the Nepali business world in its true form. The CEO is also aimed at saluting the spirit of those entrepreneurs who firmly rise above many challenges for change and progress. The tabloid is also geared towards encouraging them who have reset the benchmark by showing a great deal of penchant towards excellence.

We, at CEO, unwaveringly believe that Nepal cannot afford to remain unaffected by the paradigm shift in the global business sector.

The country’s business sector must constructively challenge the status quo to inject a whole new vigour into the country’s ailing economy. And, the CEO is committed to reinforce the efforts made towards this direction.