“Ad is in my DNA”

Perhaps there is no any media-cum-advertising professional in the country comparable to him. The knowledge, skills and experiences he possesses on Nepali media and advertising is simply unmatched.

Bhasker Raj Rajkarnikar, Executive Chairman, Avenues Television, is indeed a media entrepreneur to reckon with. “Since I was a school student, I have harboured indomitable passion towards working in media. Whatever I have earned so far in this field is a corollary of such passion,” he divulges.

Rajkarnikar first  took the step towards entrepreneurship when he was a school student.  That time he  used to work at Ram Bhandar- a sweat and confectionery shop run by his own family in Thapathali, Kathamandu.  “Handling this shop made me cognizant of the basic ways of running a business. More importantly, it taught me about the values of relationships between the business entity and his/her clients,’’ he shares.

When he completed his School Leaving Certificate exams, Rajkarnikar then did what he had a deeper inner calling for.  And that was to commercialize his innate dexterity for speaking and writing.  He joined  the Nepal Television on a contract basis and hosted several popular programs like Prativa Ko Dabali (World’s first TV reality show), Dhukdhuki, Zero Hour etc.

The then energetic youth was not content just with performing TV shows and wanted to do something on his own. “I was simply keen to make creative works my own profession. That willingness impelled me to commence Professional Advertising Agency way back in 1983,” he divulges.

He  planned and ran his ad agency in a truly effective and efficacious fashion. In fact, the company grew so vibrantly that it became the largest agency of Gorkhapatra National Daily, the largest newspaper back in those days.

Prompted by the phenomenal success of the agency, he also dabbled in the business of event management by commencing Everest Event and Exhibition in 1994.

“As Managing Direction of the event company, I took lead in conceptualizing and executing various events including Nepal’s signature event “Kathmandu Utsav”, he informs. “The main reason behind establishing Everest was something truly innovative in then business context.  It was to facilitate the Nepali corporate/business houses to manage their marketing and communication strategies to stay competitive in the market. “

In synch with his expectations, Everest really did brisk business. This again motivated him to embark into another venture related to communication management.  In 1997, he established Advertising Avenues Nepal with a cardinal objective to offer a full range of advertising services to Nepali business Exhibition houses.  The very move was intended to fulfill the gap of a full-fledged ad agency  to serve the growing corporate/ business sector of the country.

While running the ad agency as its Chairman-cum-CEO, he was engaged in creating, planning and implementing advertising and promotion campaigns of numerous national and international companies.

“The agency was more focused on strategically assisting its clients to reap long-term benefits by creating a  strong brand equity in the market. The inflow of business, in particular, was also overwhelmingly huge. Advertising Avenue was able to post Rs 30 million as its annual turnover.”

Its clients fully counted on the agency for the complete advertising solutions and it grew rapidly to emerge as a prominent agency in the country.  This, not surprisingly, catapulted him into the status of a successful advertising entrepreneur.

‘The ad profession made me acquainted with various vital factors. And one of them was the need of combined efforts to expedite the growth of the advertising industry,’  As such, I decided to enter into the Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN), then known as Advertising Agencies’ Association of Nepal, to work fulfill such need.

From 1998 to 2007, he served as vice-president and president of AAN and took some major initiations for the institutional growth of the Nepali advertising sector.

“As a member of the then executive committee of the AAN, I took lead in instituting Crity Awards ( the awards ceremony being regularly held by AAN to honour advertising excellence),  formulating National Advertising Policy, making AAN a member organization of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AAFA),” he shares.

It was in 2005 that Rajkanikar took the next giant leap as a media entrepreneur by establishing Avenues Nepal, a news-based television channel. The very move, according to him, was aimed at fulfilling the gap of a premium news-based channel in the country.

Avenues Nepal, which is growing by 25 percent per year, enjoys the second largest TRP (Television Rating Point) in the country. As Executive Chairman of the television company, he is engaged in overseeing the conceptualization and implementation of its various plans and strategies.

By equipping himself with enough knowledge and experiences vis-à-vis the Nepali market as a media/advertising professional, Rajkarnikar entered into the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) as its Senior Vice President in 1999.

During his four year-long stint in the FNCCI, he worked closely with its executive committee to formulate various plans and policies governing the Nepali business/industrial sector.  As a distinguished member of the federation, this suave entrepreneur is still making efforts to help develop it as a one-stop body to effectively resolve all vital economic and business issues in the country.

Talking about his future plans, Rajkarnikar says,” I am looking to reactive Adveirising Avenues, which is not being operated  effectively now.  “The prime purpose behind this is to help reshape the advertising sector in a way that also goes long in expediting the growth of the entire Nepali media industry.”  So, what has impelled him to make such plan? He responds in a zestfully creative tone,”It may be because advertising is in my DNA.”

His Personal Side

-Was born in Kathmandu on January 24, 1965.

-Is living with his spouse Pradita  Rajkarnikar and his daughter Samriddhi Rajkarnikar.

-Holds Master’s Degree in Commerce.

-Feels good while interacting with people and get close to their sentiments.

–  Loves to listen especially Sufi music.

-Takes life as an opportunity to explore its hidden potentials.


Some of his major affiliations and activities

-Member of Standing Committee, South Asia Business Forum, SAARC.

-Represented Nepal’s Industrial delegation to China.

-Led a delegation of Advertising Association of Nepal and presented  a document on “ Asian Young and Creative Personal” at annual conference of AAFA, Singapore.

– Led delegation of Advertising Association of Nepal and presented document on “New vision of Advertising in Asia” at annual conference of AAFA, Jaipur, India.

-Led a media delegation on a goodwill visit of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 2005.

-Visited to many counties like Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan,  China, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Korea,  United Kingdom and United Sates of America etc as a member of the business delegation.

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