“Be loyal to what you do”

“The term “success” might carry different meanings to different people. But, for me, it is all about being consistently loyal to the profession I am engaged in,” says Anil Shrestha, CEO, Reliance Finance.  He really seems to be unwaveringly committed to this belief. The professional achievements made by him so far attest to this fact.

Shrestha started his professional career in the financial sector way back in 1994.  That time, he joined United Finance Limited (UFL) as a junior assistant. “I worked there for 14 years in a row by getting promoted to a senior post as Chief Manager for exhibiting good performance.

In fact, the very affiliation facilitated him to get well acquainted with the fundamentals of the banking business.

In 2006, he left the company to fly to the USA. There he studied the subject of International Business from the University of California.

In 2007,  he came back Nepal and rejoined United Finance. After two years, he decided to work in Reliance Finance as its CEO. “In the course of my academic study in the university, I was asked by the teachers, “In which position would you like to work after completing the study?”  I told them that I had a dream to become CEO of a financial institute in the future,” Shrestha recalled adding,”  Fortunately, the very dream saw the light of the day.”

The degree not only helps Shrestha to gain essential knowledge on the efficient management of an organization but also the confidence to steer it in the right direction as a whole.

Under his leadership, Reliance Finance seems to be doing fairly well.  On the one hand, the key financial indicators of the company related to profit earning, deposit collection, credit flow, etc largely point towards a positive direction. On the other, it has also been consistently engaged in coming up with new products and services and expanding its physical networks throughout the country.  “For the last 9/10 years, I along with my team have been making efforts towards establishing Reliance as a strong and stable company.  And, such efforts are gradually yielding positive results,” he shares.

Personal Side

Born in 2026 BS in Lagan Dalakshi, Kathmandu

Completed SLC exams from Saraswoti Niketan Secondary School and MBA from Shanker Dev College.

Have a wife named Rajshree Shrestha and daughter Samriddhi Shrestha.

Have visited various foreign countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, Cambodia, Egypt, India, China and Thailand.

Engages himself in morning walk and meditation every morning.

Loves to study books in leisure time.

Professional Mantra

Think Strategically

A CEO should have the ability to make long-term plans and initiate measures to meet the set goals. Understanding the changing business environment properly and pursuing an unchanging strategy in spite of day-to-day pressures is the hallmark of an effective leader.

Making prudent decisions

A CEO, of course, needs to make prudent decisions not impromptu ones.  It is important to lead the company to higher profits, greater market share and an outstanding reputation.

 Recruiting good employees

Attracting and retaining the employees who can carry out the company’s vision and mission is something a good CEO must do. Without good employees, no company can sustain and buoy up in the market. 

A passion for excellence

A capable leader is the one who is simply passionate about achieving excellence.  In fact, s/he creates policies, procedures, and methods that help every layer of the organization do their best work.


Focus on results

A good CEO does not get entangled in procedures for their own sake. Those procedures must lead to concrete, measurable results.  Whenever his/her company is becoming complacent and not result-oriented, s/he will not shy away from shaking things up for improving it.

Ability to take calculated risks

Grabbing great opportunities sometimes calls for taking calculated risks.  A smart CEO understands this fact well and moves ahead accordingly. One the one hand,  embracing risks in a strategic way can take the company to a new, exciting path. On the other, it may help him/her to overcome the fear of failing.

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