Call to stop smuggling of river-based resources

Khasyauli, August 2 : The Finance, Industry and Tourism Committee under the State Assembly of State No. 5 has asked the state government to stop the smuggling of the river-based resources. A meeting of the Committee held yesterday under its Chairman Dadhiram Neupane made this call stating that prosperity was likely from the well management and utilization of the mining and river-based resources.

The meeting also stressed for the need of an alternative access route for the mining industries, President Neupane added. He further said that prevention of the smuggling of the river-based resources would also help boost the revenue collection and urged for the uncontrolled excavation of the natural resources and means.

The committee’s members Nirmala Chhetri, Tulasi Chaudhari, Tularam Gharimagar, Krishna Neupane, Krishna KC, Sunita Thather, Tham Kumari Thapa and others offered their feedback to the State government for systematic operation of the river-based mining industries.RSS

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