Code Rush to launch a fellowship program

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Kathmandu, February 13: Code Rush, a girls-led software development startup in Nepal, is gearing up to launch ‘Code Like Her Fellowship – 2020 program from March 2.

This six-months-long program aims to broaden tech opportunities for Nepali girls pursuing an IT & Engineering degree and help them build solid technical skills. The undergraduate and graduate students from IT, Engineering or related courses can apply for the fellowship among which 12 eligible candidates will be selected.

The participants of this fellowship program will get the opportunity of coding Bootcamp that combines lectures, workshops, projects, and more to help them master the practical skills—both technical and professional. The fellowship is divided into two modules, split into the time frame of three months each.

 The first module includes intense training starting from scratch, whereas, in the second module, projects are assigned to all candidates to implement the knowledge practically. The fellowship includes proper certification, graduation ceremony, and placement opportunities.