Construction works of Melamchi Water Supply Project continue

May 1 : Construction works at the final tunnel point of the Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) are in progress even during the ongoing national lockdown imposed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

In such tunnel point, located at Sundarijal in the capital, the conduits are being constructed on a daily basis by 28 workers, according to Ramji Lamichhane, the engineer who oversees the MWSP related works at the Sundarijal site.

In this connection, executive director of the project, Tiresh Prasad Khatri along with the representatives of the construction company, Sino Hydro, and the consulting company, IPTISA, have carried out an on-site monitoring of the works going on at the said site on Thursday (April 30).

After the monitoring, they agreed to further speed up the works so as to complete within a month. Among others, such works include the construction of a water treatment plant with a capacity of 85 million litres.

The MWSP aims to pump up 177 million litres of water daily from the Melamchi river in the Sindhupalchok district to Sundarijal, which would be then supplied to the Kathmandu Valley. About 27 kilometres long tunnel has already been constructed from Melamchi to Sundarijal. The finishing works of the tunnel are also said to be in the final stage of completion.

Dubbed as a national pride project, the MWSP is expected to be within the two months. RSS

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