Dhobikhola Corridor in limbo

Kathmandu, September 5 : The Dhobikhola Corridor Improvement Project was started in 2002 under the aegis of the Kathmandu Valley City Development Committee. But, unfortunately, the construction works of the project are still going on though it should have been completed in 2008.

A total budget of Rs 3.35 billion is allotted for construction of the corridor, of which Rs 2.5 billion has already been used. However, only 70 percent work of this 24-km long  corridor road, stretching both sides from the confluence of Bagmati and Dhobikhola rivers to Bhangal, is completed.

The project has been delayed because of various reasons.  Such reasons are debates over private properties over which the corridor is being built, lack of coordination among the related authorities and underperformance of labourers, among others. According to experts, the practice of executing the project by dividing it into several parts is also making its timely completion tough.

The sluggish construction has also affected traffic and the lives of locals.

The Dhobikola Corridor particularly along the Bijulibazar Bridge-Setopul section is like an illegal parking zone with hundreds of vehicles. It is hindering smooth vehicular movement every day and causing traffic jam. Similarly, the locals have to suffer the mud and dust left by changing seasons hazardously

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