Ekal Vidyalaya: A power to change pace of life

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Nepal realizes the untapped potential of rural Nepal which has waited for long to emerge and flourish.

Along the time, we humans have evolved and learned to make living easier with inventions and technology. Today, we live in a world where imagination turns into reality with a snap of fingers.

But life is not the same for everyone in the world and in Nepal. Nepal is gradually taking steps towards innovation but till this day, people in Nepal are fighting against hunger, poverty, humanity and justice. Virtue and knowledge hold the power to change the pace of life and make living convenient.

The foundation has established a model as Ekal Vidyalaya (the one teacher one school) with the vision of taking education to the needy ones and integrating development in the deprived sections of the society.

Ekal Vidyalaya is conducted under any roof for children of age group 5-14 years. A panel of reputed scholars has developed the curriculum which is compatible with the local culture and government prescribed text. Ekal Vidyalaya follows a non-formal method of teaching through songs, arts, games and yoga.

The curriculum focuses on the basic knowledge of alphabets and numerical, development of character, ethical values and sanitation. The Ekalacharya (teacher) is an educated local either male or female who is specially trained as a catalyst of change and building hope for the entire village. Teachers give priority to moral education in addition to academic subjects of government school levels.

After completing a 3-5 years course in Ekal Vidyalaya, students are capable of obtaining admission in nearby formal schools in class 4 or 5. Health, hygiene and cleanliness are taught to students and their parents, especially mothers. They are also taught about effective methods to promote healthy life: consumption of vegetables, regular exercise, involvement in activities and use of accessible products like Neem, Tulsi as herbal medicines. 

The entire school operates on a shoe-string budget of NRs. 100/- a day (NRs. 36,000 for one year) which is unparalleled in the whole global scenario. It takes an annual commitment for consecutive five years to start one new Ekal Vidyalaya. Villagers provide other infrastructural and logistic needs.

Ekal foundation of Nepal launched the program in 1996 and now the foundation is operating 2,310 primary schools imparting education to 60,995 students in 54 districts of Nepal. With the moto self -reliance and healthy living, Ekal Vidyalaya also teaches social values and self -discipline to the students.

Ekal Vidyalaya plans to reach a target figure of 2500 by 2025 and upgrade the quality of schools with better infrastructure. The mission also plans to promote organic vegetable farming and empowerment of villages through skills development. Education provides students an accurate perspective towards the world and gives them confidence to make firm decisions in life.

Ekal Vidyalaya is re-energizing the country through its model and helping the nation to get the successors who can build the nation. It is a great challenge for the nation to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. The task to overcome this challenge is only possible with education and that is what Ekalabhiyan is aiming to do.

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