Committee directs govt to stop opening tracks without an engineering study

Kathmandu, August 12: The Development and Technology Committee under the House of Representatives (HoR) yesterday directed the government to stop opening road tracks without engineering study, citing the environmental degradation and misuse of resources.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Transport has been strongly directed to evaluate the topographical condition and ensure measures to make the road construction sustainable so that it would not degrade the environment. The Committee also drew the attention of the Ministry to immediately repair and reconstruct the roads damaged by the floods and landslide in the wake of the approaching festivals.

A long-term solution of the problems relating to roadway must be mulled with proper plans, the Committee viewed, suggesting the government to immediately solve the disputes among three layers of government in reconstructing roads and bridges.

In the meeting, Minister for Physical Infrastructures and Transportation, Raghubir Mahaseth, informed that signing of the contract for the construction of physical infrastructures for this year would be complete by coming mid-October. He vowed that no works on infrastructure building would begin without conducting an environmental impact assessment. Repair and reconstruction of roads and bridges were given priority, he added.