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Prakash Subedi, Brand Manager, Vivo Mobile Nepal

A Master in Economics, Prakash Subedi currently acts as Brand Manager in Vivo Mobile Nepal. He, who joined the company in October 2017, is mainly responsible for making and executing the plans/strategies to establish the Vivo brand in the Nepali handset market. Apart from tracking the ROI (Rate on Investment) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the company, he is also involved in the tasks related to competitive strategic analysis, sales tools development and consumer segmentation.

 Similarly, Subedi handles the responsibility of imparting necessary training to the sales personnel, launching and monitoring the advertising and media campaigns and coordinating activities of specialists involved in the brand positioning of Vivo.

Under his direct supervision, Vivo has successfully launched its three new versions-V Series, S series and Y series in the Nepali market.

In fact, he is credited for making Vivo the second highest-selling mobile brand in Nepal after Samsung.    According to him, the average monthly sales of Vivo currently stand at 20,000 units.

 Prior to joining Vivo Mobile Nepal, Prakash Subedi had worked in Apex Group as Manager- Marketing, Ad Media Pvt Ltd as Senior Client Executive and Chaudhary Group as Senior Executive-Brand Marketing & Communications.

Manage your money better

Money management is certainly a tricky subject. For many, the topic’s accompanied with a feeling of apprehension. But life becomes much easier when you have good financial skills.  So, here are some tips to improve your financial habits.

1. Know Your Money Priorities

Before budgeting, you need to determine your priorities. If you skip this crucial step, you won’t buy into your financial plan.

You need a focus to align your money goals with your money habits. That focus is what’s most important in your life, right now. Do you have credit card debt that makes your stomach churn just thinking about it? Paying that down might be your No. 1 priority.

2. Determine your monthly pay

There is a saying that what can be measured is also managed. How can you manage your money without knowing what you earn each month? If you don’t have a concrete number, determine your monthly income after taxes. This will be easier if you’re a salaried employee with a regular paycheck. Freelancers may have to estimate their monthly income.

Once you have a number, add in any extra side gig money. Maybe you have a blog that earns ad revenue, or you teach a weekly yoga/fitness class. Whatever extra income you earn, add it into your monthly take-home pay.

3. Be attentive to pay the best prices

You can make the most of your money by ensuring that you’re paying the lowest prices for products and services. Seek for discounts, coupons, and cheaper alternatives whenever you can.

  • Save up for big purchases:  The ability to delay gratification will go a long way to make you better with money. When you put off large purchases, rather than sacrificing more important essentials or putting the purchase on a credit card, you give yourself time to evaluate whether the purchase is necessary and even more time to compare prices. By saving up rather than using credit, you avoid paying interest on the purchase. And if you save rather than skipping bills or obligations, well, you don’t have to deal with the many consequences of missing those bills.
  • Being Good With Money Takes Practice:​ In the beginning, you may not be used to planning ahead and putting off purchases until you can afford them. The more you make these habits part of your daily life, the easier it is to manage your money, and the better off your finances will be.

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