Farmers in Banke hard hit by prohibitions

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Nepalgunj, September 14 : The farmers in Banke district are not being able to sell the vegetables to the market owing to the prohibitory orders imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic. “Such orders enforced in Nepalgunj, Kohalpur, Khajura and some other areas in the district have badly disrupted the entry of the local produce to the market,” said a farmer from Kohalpur, Laxman Khadka.

He bemoaned that they were also worried over the investments they made for the vegetable production.

In the present season, 12,000 metric tons of vegetables are grown in 1,750 hectares of land in the district. The major vegetables produced here include gourd, squash, okra, beans, cucumber and tomato.

Chief of Agriculture Knowledge Centre in the district, Sagar Dhakal, says that in order to resolve the current market anamolies faced by the farmers, efforts are underway. ” They will soon be provided “pass” so that they can sell their vegetables to the market amidst the prohibitions.”

It may be noted that the farmers here are also facing difficulty to get the chemical fertilizers and insecticides needed for growing their products.