Govt to implement budget by creating schedule

Kathmandu, August 13–Finance Minister Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada  has said that the government is moving forward with the implementation of the budget presented for this fiscal year 2018/19 by creating a specific schedule.

While speaking at a meeting of the Finance Committee of the parliament held on August 12, he said,” It is mandatory to do away with the long-standing problem of spending capital expenditure at the tail end of a fiscal year. So, the ministry will implement the budget in a systematic manner through the schedule.”   Since 2008-09, the habitual spending rush has been going on which is resulting into deterioration in the quality of development works.

Minister Dr Khatiwada also informed that he is also planning to expand the tax base so as to collect more revenues.  According to him, the ministry of finance will also come up with a policy to control the revenue leakage.

Speaking during the same meeting, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, a member of the committee, said that the government must form a national natural resource and finance commission without further ado. “Such commission is required to implement federalism in an economically efficient way in the country,’ Dr Bhattrai, who is also former prime minister, justified.

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