HOSTAGES: A Short Review

By P Rijesh

Hostage is a 2 seasoned Indian web series streamed on Hotstar on 2019 and 2020. Starring: Ronit Roy, Tisca Chopra, Dalip Tahil, Ashim Gulati etc.

The author Rijesh Poudel

The first season is a mediocre watch. It is mainly focused on a family being taken as hostages, who then are forced to commit a crime.  Some audience may like it and some may not. It has 8 episodes and each episode is of 30 minutes. Some best parts of the season are when the lead actor tries to find the past of the hostile, while the children are trying to escape. There are some scenes which are stretched for too long. Although the performances of all the actors are up to scratch, the stretched screenplay in some episodes might seem a bit mundane to the audience. 

In some moments after 2nd episode, there are a few twists which unfortunately are quite predictable. Except a few episodes, the web series seems monotonous for some time. The show stealer of the season definitely is Ronit Roy. Other cast members have also done a great job. The execution is fine and the spectators who aren’t chronic web series fans may not like it because of its slow-moving plot.

Season 2 is the continuation of its first installment. It reminds us of Netflix original’s Money Heist. It is longer than its first season and has 12 episodes. The audience who watched its first season may enjoy it because of the perpetuation of its former season’s narrative. It may not appeal to restless audience who are not used to binge – watching any series. It may also not interest busy people who are only trying to take time off from their usual schedule. The performances are the highlights of this show. Each and every actor has given his/her best and is praise worthy.  

Some memorable moments are when The CM, one of the lead characters, donates his bone marrow to his daughter, the other lead character, a news reporter tries to find the reality of the chief minister, and an office employee listens to the confidential conversation of a company.  The screenplay of the series is satisfactory and like its previous season, some scenes are stretched for too long.

Both seasons are middle-of-the-road watch.


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