Innovative Water Management Solution implemented at Kanti Children’s Hospital

Kathmandu, June 17: The Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge System project, supported by Bottlers Nepal Limited (authorized bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in Nepal) and implemented by Smart Paani Pvt. Ltd., has been handed over to the Kanti Children’s Hospital.

The handover ceremony was held at Kanti Children’s Hospital, Maharajgunj on Tuesday, July 16, in the presence of Dr Ganesh Kumar Rai, Director of Kanti Children’s Hospital, Pradip Pandey, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited and Suman Shakya, Managing Director of Smart Paani Pvt. Ltd.

The hospital falls in the northern belt of the valley, which is said to be highly suitable for recharge and the project will benefit the surrounding communities dependent on well water by helping to replenish shallow groundwater.

The project is also expected to help reduce the stress on the sewage system at the hospital.

Dr Rai of the Hospital said, “With this groundwater recharge system implemented at our premises, we will be able to manage the drainage systems better, and avoid water logging in the premises. With this initiation, not only our staff but thousands of people who visit our hospital will be more aware of rainwater management.”

Pandey of Bottlers Nepal Limited said, “The Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge Systems installed in Kanti Children’s Hospital contributes to better management of rainwater and also helps to manage flash floods and stormwater management in the vicinity of the hospital.”

Shakya of Smart Paani Private Limited shared, “SmartPaani has been working around sustainable water solutions for the last 8 years. And we have been partnering with Bottler’s Nepal since 2013 to implement urban rainwater recharge solutions at various public sites. Till now we have done 5 projects with them, including Kanti Hospital. We hope and urge everyone to be a part of the solution and think of harvesting and recharging rainwater.”

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