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Commenced in 2005 A.D, SoftNep has carved its image as a leading Information Technology (IT) company.

It is rendering various services like writing the web, web hosting, web development, PSD2HTML  , mobile applications, online radio streaming, internet marketing and digital strategy.

Generally, private organizations are thought to be leaned towards just accumulating profits. But according to the Arun Rai, Chief Business Development Officer, SoftNEP. says, ‘Apart from commercial benefits, our company is also working to contribute to bolster the IT infrastructure.

‘In today’s digital economy, the IT is acting as a viable tool to expedite the socio-economic development. As such, our company though the application of cutting-edge ideas and solutions related to the ICT is trying to contribute to the nation-building process,’ he further claims.

The SoftNEP guarantees a technically sound digital platform for its products which it believes help everyone to impart message to the world wide web as part of a complete online strategy.It is equipped with IT professionals who design, code and market personal and professional websites at fair prices.  They also transform client’s creative designs into websites, host sites and radio streams, and builds mobile apps.

Currently, the SoftNEP possesses more than fifteen high skilled tem members working in different capacities like computer engineer, program developers, marketing and administrative staffs. According to Rai, one of the basic tenets of his company culture to harness team spirit and collective efforts to boost up the overall productivity.

“ In our company we also do not have rigid organisational hierarchies as they are one of the main barriers to improving management and leadership skills at work.Every staff of our company- whether senior or junior- is free to express and execute their ideas without any unnecessary restrictions,” he says.

The company recruits human resources from domestic market based on proven skills and experiences. When someone joins the company as an employee, they are groomed according to their specific interest and capacity, and the need of the company.“Similarly the company has its own internal evaluation system of staffs which has helped to motive the workforce to fully unleash their inner potentials,” says Rai.

He also believes that to be effective, leadership development has to be supported with organisational practices that empower the workforce and foster engagement: team-working, behaviour-based performance management and succession planning, collective reward and recognition, to name just a few.

“Forward-looking organisations are those which use innovative methods of job and organisation design, to create agile organisational environments and cultures that enable leadership at all levels of the business,” he opines.

SoftNEP is also doing brisk business with the expanding base of its clientele. “Our portfolio now consists of more than 300 national and international clients, which speaks volumes on our ability to deliver up-to-the-mark digital solutions,” he claims.

Setopati, Kanitpur Radio, SNV, Himalkhabar Patrika, BBC action Media, Ad media, Simrik Airlines, BBC Action Media and Cornell University, New York are among the major clients of the company.Rai  claims that SoftNEP occupies the lion’s share especially in the market of web service.“The company pretty ahead in the web service market as it handles the online news portal with the largest traffic as setopati.com”. As part of its efforts to produce competent human resources in the IT sector, the company has been offering numerous internship training programs to the interested people.


According to him, the country still lacks sufficient rules and regulations to effectively govern and manage the IT sector. Be it finance, health or education, every sector is related to IT one way or the other. At the same time, technology is changing every day. To catch up with the fast changing trend and capitalise on its potentials, the authorities concerned  indeed have to be more proactive and come up with integrated IT policy accordingly,

“Nepal has immense potentials to do better in BPO and software development, mainly for clients looking for a cheaper labour destination. So, the government must immediately come up with clear vision to exploit this promising area,” he suggests.



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