Malaysia takes concrete step to retake Nepali workers

Kathmandu, August 13–It has been more than two months that Nepal put a ban on the outflow of  its  migrant workers to Malaysia.  It took such decision  expressing discontent over the restrictive immigration process such workers faced before they  could get proper employment in this host country.

The process includes the  requirement to go through a private company for security and medical check-ups as a part of the visa requirement.   Fearing the possible harm triggered by syndicate or middlemen, the  Nepali government is seeking  for safety cover for its workers before again sending them to Malaysia.

In this context,  the Malaysian government has lately  drafted a memorandum of understanding to resolve the matter. Malaysian Minister of Human Resources M Kulasegaran reportedly said that he would like  to visit Nepal to sign the MoU with after finalizing it.  Terming middlemen as a nuisance who fleece from migrant labourers, he also  expressed readiness to get rid of this problem.

According to media reports, his ministry is discussing the matter with the Nepali embassy in Malaysia.  Nepal has invited  Kulasegaran to come here and resolve the stalemate.

Malaysia is the most popular destination of Nepali labourers and they make the second largest  number of this country’s 1.7 million foreign work force. Around 5,00,000 Nepalis are currently working in Malaysia.

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