Minister Yadav admits NOC full of irregularities; tired of fixing problems

Kathmandu, January 10 : Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Matrika Prasad Yadav, has admitted that Nepal Oil Corporation was full of irregularities. Government was therefore effortful to curb irregularities here, he asserted.
Addressing the 49th anniversary of the NOC in the capital city on Thursday, Minister Yadav said the leakage of oil at various levels from transportation to administration has put the customers at the receiving end.
“I’m tired of fixing problems at NOC. Although it is an uphill task to bring reform at NOC, I’m working resolutely,” he said, arguing that if the irregularities continue, it harms all sides.
He however complained that although he tried his best to curb malfeasance in the sector of petroleum products, the private sector did not cooperate with him. The government was going to launch an oil distributors’ regulation to manage the fuel distribution.
The Minister further reminded that government was ready to work together with the private sector. “Let’s resolve problems with consensus; hold discussion and make the NOC more systematic,” he urged all sides concerned.
The price of petroleum products would be adjusted as per the time. Today itself, the air fuel for domestic purpose was reduced, he added. RSS

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