NEA bids farewell to CEO Ghising

Kathmandu, September 15 : The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has bade farewell to its Chief Executive Officer , Kulman Singh Ghising, organizing a programme on Tuesday. Ghisin retired yesterday after completion of his four-year term as the head of the NEA.

At the programme, senior deputy executive director, Hitendra Dev Shakya, praised the outgoing CEO Ghising as an honest and diligent person. ” During his four-year long tenure, he constantly showed solid dedication and incredible skills to steer the NEA into the right direct direction . So, we feel very proud that we got a chance to work with him.”

Similarly, another deputy executive director, Harraj Neupane, termed Ghising as a leader who is simple passionate for performance. He also hoped that Ghising would be reappointed as the CEO again by removing some legal hurdles.

In his farewell remarks, Ghising observed, “When I took the responsibility of heading the NEA, the country was reeling under the excessively lengthy load-shedding hours. Even in the rainy seasons, there used to be six to eight hours of power outage daily.” But, with the adoption of sound management strategies and their effective implementation, we eradicated the problem of power cuts.”

After the appointment of Ghising as its CEO, the NEA also recorded phenomenal financial performance by earning the profit of some Rs 11 billion. Before this, it was suffering a whopping Rs 34 billion.

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