NEA may blacklist Kulekhani-3 contractor

Kathmandu, May 13: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has issued warning to blacklist one of the contractors of the 14-megawatt Kulekhani-3 hydropower project. Hulas Engineering and Construction got such a warning for its poor performance.

The company was earlier awarded the contract of hydromechanical and electromechanical works of the hydel project by the Authority.   Hulas Engineering and Construction might be blacklisted in case it fails to expedite the project works at the soonest.

According to the NEA, the prime reason behind the delay in the completion of the Kulekhani-3 hydropower project is the lacklustre performance of the company.

The Authority is also mulling over scrapping the contracts that the power utility has reached with Hulas Engineering and Construction for other projects if the company continues to lag behind in its assigned task.

In fact, the NEA has already imposed a fine of around Rs 70 million on the contractor citing its lackadaisical approach towards the project construction.

Though the construction cost of the project was initially estimated to stand at Rs 2.43 billion, the same has now increased to Rs 5 billion due to perennial delays.

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