NEA Tanahun Centre recovers outstanding dues of Rs 12.3 million

Damauli, April 16: Nepal Electricity Authority’s NEA Tanahun Transmission Centre has recovered outstanding dues of Rs 12.3 million in nine months of the current fiscal year. The Centre recovered electricity tariff dues in the period from mid-July 2018 to mid-April 2019 by disconnecting the power supply to consumers having huge pending bills.

It was found that 758 consumers did not clear their dues but 656 of them settled their payment dues after electricity supply disruption, shared Chief of the Centre Shiva Narayan Gaushali. In order to ensure settlement of dues, the Centre has disconnected power supply tot eh consumer who did not pay electricity tariff for over 60 days.

According to the Electricity Tariff Collection Bi-law-2016, two percent discount amount of the bill will be offered to the consumers clearing the tariff within seven days from meter reading. It also has a provision that tariff will be charged same if any consumer paid the bills within 22 days in maximum from meter reading.

As part of its drive to control electricity theft, the Centre has taken action against 117 consumers who adopted unauthorized measures to use electricity during the corresponding period. So far the Centre has raised around Rs 588,812 after putting in place the punitive measures. RSS

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