Passionate To Perform

Driving two completely separate ventures ahead successfully is not an easy task. Only a very few persons with dedication and dynamism can do so particularly in today’s competitive and volatile market environment. Dol Prasad Aryal, no doubt, belongs to such a rare breed of entrepreneurs. He is steering ahead two different companies-Easylink Remittance Pvt Ltd. and Sumire Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd.- in a smooth way. Aryal is acting as CEO of Easy Link whereas he assumes the position of Managing Director at Sumire.

‘Of course, doing the business of both remittance and tourism together is extremely tough and challenging. It is only my passion for performance that has facilitated me to rise to the challenges in my professional life,’ shares Aryal. This young entrepreneur made a venture into the tourism business by establishing Sumire in 2001 with his friend. In fact, his involvement with the tourism sector had started earlier way back in 1997.  That time he had a dwelling in Thamel, the country’s most prominent tourist destination. Staying in such place invoked a desire in him to do something about travel and trade. ‘As someone very close to the atmosphere of the Thamel area, I naturally developed an inclination to start the business on especially adventure tourism like mountaineering and expedition,” he divulges.

Sumire Tours Service is largely focussed on dealing with the Japanese tourists visiting Nepal. As a matter of fact, Aryal has equipped himself with necessary knowledge and skills to handle such visitors. “I took professional Japanese language course and management course from 1997 to 1999 in Japan. And, this has helped me to effectively market the tourism products and services of Nepal to the Japanese people,’ he informs. According to him, he along with his office members is making efforts not only in promoting their business but also in enhancing the entire image of Nepal in the Japanese markets.

“In three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 and 2010, I gave presentations in the auditoriums of several metropolis and sub-metropolis of Japan about trekking in Nepal. Similarly, Sumire, under my leadership, has been distributing souvenirs, mementos and audio-visual materials related to the national identities and tourism attractions of Nepal in various fairs organised in Japan,” he divulges.

Aryal took special initiations to arrange the tour of a former prime minister, teachers and students of universities and businesspeople from Japan to Nepal In 2015. Likewise, he, in this year, also organised a meeting of Japanese students with the officials of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for promoting Nepali tourism in Japan. Moreover, Aryal is also advocating for the main use of Japanese language in the proposed direct air flights between Nepal and Japan. “The national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines Corporation, is planning to resume such flights after a gap of long time. While doing this, it is imperative to use mainly Japanese language rather than an English one. It is because of a simple reason that a lot of people from Japan do not understand English.   The another reason is that the Japanese language is largely used in some 99 percent of air flights conducted from Japan to other countries for serving them better,’ he states.

It was after nine years of commencing Sumire that Aryal also decided to also dabble into remittance business. ‘Besides tourism, I sensed profound potentials in this sector because of its growing contribution to the national economy.  So, I took over the management of Easylink Remittance (established in 1999) in 2010.  Apart from making financial gains, the very move was also guided by some other reason. And, that was my willingness to work towards streamlining the growth of the remittance business.”

Easylink provides its services to the migrant Nepalese people in Japan, South Korea and Cyprus.  From every angle, the company appears to be in good stead.  ‘We have been doing fairly well in terms of business volume, network expansion, workforce expansion status etc,” Aryal mentions adding,” Easylink is posting a growth by around 10 every year.   It has expanded its networks in all 77 districts of the country.” Initially, the company had just 5 staff members but now it is equipped with as many as 20.   It is also planning to expand its services to the new markets like United States, Australia, Canada and Israel very soon.

The suave businessman believes in conceptualising and executing the management and marketing strategies in close collaboration with his team members. “And he attributes this approach to the consistent growth of his both entities. “After all, a team-oriented business culture not only benefits the business but also ensures its long-term sustainability,” he states.

His Professional Mantras

Putting premium on human resources

The most important asset of any business organization is its people. If they feel discouraged and de-motivated, it will directly mar the organizational productivity and vibrancy. So, one should make efforts to encourage my staff members to work according to their potentials and given them necessary support and guidance. This has truly proven beneficial in terms of impelling them to execute their tasks with full enthusiasm and dedication.

. Believe in adding value

In a nutshell, value is anything that people are willing to pay for. In your professional life, the more value you can offer the more money you can make. Adding value is to find the intersection between what people are willing to pay for and what service or product you can offer that is aligned with your values, strengths and goals.

. Act on your passion

Those who have reached the zenith of their professional success are found to have followed their passion. The reason why great people are few and far in-between is because most people don’t even know what their passion is. So, figuring out passion and following it consistently is a promising way towards great professional success.

 . Develop Resilience

Things rarely work out the way you planned and there will always be distractions and stumbling blocks that you have to deal with when you are on your road to success. The key point to remember is to persist and to develop the courage to move on even when everyone around you is telling you it is ok to give up.

His Personal Side.

Born in 1974 in Maidi of Dhading district.

Lives with his wife and two sons.

Loves to read books and plans to author a book on any specific business topic.

Passionate to interact with a diverse range people

Believes that positive attitude is key to success

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