PRABHU GROUP introduces PRABHU TV in Nepal

PRABHU GROUP has introduced PRABHU TV based on Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T2) for the first time in Nepal.  With the development of Information technology, based on OTT system, any channel can be accessed in Mobile, Laptop and Tablet.

Mr. Devi Prasad Bhattachan, Chairman of Prabhu Group demonstrated the service in the launching program held today

Licensed by the government of Nepal, PRABHU TV’s network will have nationwide footprint that will deliver high quality 24/7 wireless digital TV service to consumers 365 days a year. Based on DVB T2, using TV or OTT system national and international TV channels can be accessed in Mobile, Laptop and Tablet with the help of internet.

With the purchase of one of PRABHU TV’s authorized set top boxes and a simple antenna, TV viewers will have an access to all local broadcast TV channels. Additionally, an array of International TV channels and special programs will be accessible for a minimal fee.

Initially, PRABHU TV will be offering its services in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara but will continue to grow and expand its coverage to Butwal, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj and Kohalpur in near future.  PRABHU TV features variety of channels, including Kids, Movies, Sports, Music, Entertainment, Infotainment and Nepali Channels. Various launching packages are provided to customers that ranges from Rs 1600 per 6 months for single user with an Antenna for Rs1000/- and Rs 200 per month with an Antenna for Rs 800 for the corporate users.

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