Protest disrupts fuel supply

Kathmandu, September 21 : The protest program announced by public transport workers has created a disruption in the supply of petroleum products across the country.

The petroleum tankers have not been able to bring petroleum products from refineries in India due to the strike. As such, the filling stations across the country are witnessing long queues of consumers.

However, the Nepal Petroleum Tankers Drivers Association claims that the problem is being primarily created by a few rowdy public transport workers. According to it, they are stopping the tanker drivers from going to Indian refineries to load fuel.  The association even states that the protest is irrational as the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has already agreed to fulfill its demands.

According to the association, it is not resisting itself from supplying fuel to the petrol pumps.  536 kiloliters of petrol and 560 kiloliters of diesel are said to supplied to different pumps on Thursday alone, which is sufficient to meet the average daily demand.


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