Review on Radhe: Your most unwanted “Bhai”

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On 13th May 2021, Salman Khan released his most awaited movie Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai on the OTT platform ZEE5. It’s the official remake of a 2017 South Korean film The Outlaws.

The fear of coronavirus seems trivial because the most dangerous virus of all time is here and it’s ‘Radhe’. The only person worth watching in this movie is Randeep Hooda. But it still pains me to see him in movies like this. He is an immensely talented actor who is due for a role as the main lead. As we all know “the first impression is the last impression”. This movie clearly proves it, as for me the tone was set as soon as Salman Khan enters the scene. I was patiently waiting for a single moment in the film where I would think that yes, there is something worth watching, even if it’s just one scene. But, how can a Prabhudeva directed, Salman Khan Starrer movie have anything sensible? Another wasted talent is DishaPatani, who tries her best, especially in the dance numbers. Her role doesn’t play any significance in the movie, as always, she’s there just for her glamour. Salman Khan single-handedly manages to bring down the entire crew’s hard work. It seems as if the actor has stopped caring. His movies usually have good songs with good choreography but this movie didn’t have that as well. In a nutshell, don’t watch it. The difference between The Outlaws and Radhe is that The Outlaws was more logical whereas Radhe is more about Salman’s super avatar. The Outlaws had no romance angle but Radhe does, probably only to titillate the audience but who knows anymore? The original also focused on gang wars whereas Radhe has only focused on the drug angle and making Salman Khan “The one true savior”. The only similarity between the original and remake is that both had similar hairstyles for the antagonists.

At last, I would like to say that this remake was not needed. According to the sources, it is the lowest-rated movie of Salman Khan after Race 3. It got a rating of 1.8 on IMDb. My personal rating is 1 out of 5 because can’t give 0.

Review by: Rijesh Poudel