Shailung Enterprise and Honiko Multiple to be blacklisted

Kathmandu, September 15 : For their failure to supply chemical fertilizer in time, two firms are going to be blacklisted. Agricultural Inputs Company Limited has recently written to the Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) to blacklist Shailung Enterprise and Honiko Multiple.

They were awarded separate bids as per the international tender notice to import 25,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers each for the fiscal year 2019/20. As both the companies failed to import chemical fertilizer, the Agricultural Inputs Company Limited decided to penalise them even by seizing their bonds, Company’s Managing Director Netra Bahadur Bhandari said.

“We have forwarded a letter to the PPMO along with the agreement documents. The Office will take further decision by seeing those documents,” Bhandari added. The Company, however, said that contract agreement with Shailung Enterprise signed before is still effective.

The Company and Shailung Enterprise have already signed a deal to import 55,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizer.

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