Taskforce submits graft probe report to parliamentary committee

Kathmandu, January 14: A report submitted by the taskforce formed to carry out investigation on corruption involving Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur concluded that the College was found operated as a community educational institution to counter the claim that it was being run from private sector.
Lambodar Neupane, the College’s founder and member of the Board of Directors, and a House of Representatives member Surya Bahadur KC previously claimed that the College was being run from private sector.
The report confirmed Chief District Officer, Bhaktapur that the educational institution registered with the District Administration Office under the Registration Act, 2034 is operating as a community educational institution. The report was submitted to the Education and Health Committee under the House of Representatives.
Presenting the report at today’s meeting of the Committee in Singha Durbar, the taskforce concluded that the College has been registered as a community educational institution. The taskforce during its monitoring found that some structures of the College have been built across 174 ropanis of public land at the then Changunarayan VDC (current Changunarayan Municipality-4) provided for its use.
The taskforce has recommended formation of a probe committee that will be tasked with recommending investigations into irregularities and corruptions involving the College and an action against the guilty. It also proposed that the Committee should direct the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to take necessary steps with regard to the problems facing the college students and staffers due to the incident. The College has 2,200 students and around 200 teachers and staffers. The taskforce is led by the Committee’s member Yogesh Bhattarai and Umesh Shrestha and Hitman Tamang are its other members.

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