Tourist arrivals surge by 8 percent

Kathmandu, November 10: The number of foreign tourists visiting the country has increased by eight percent till October this year compared to the same period last year.

In the first 10 months of 2019, a total of 975,557 tourists visited the country, according to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).  During the same period last year, the number of international travelers had stood at 903,539 tourists. Among the total arrivals, 820,499 international visitors arrived by air while the remaining 155,058 came via land routes.

The number of Indian tourists in the first 10 months surged by 4.9 percent to reach 169,952. Likewise, 134, 281 tourists from China, 19,279 from Bangladesh and 57,240 from Sri Lanka visited Nepal.

Similarly, the number of travelers from Thailand, South Korea, and Japan during the review period stood at 39,608, 27,751 and 24,137 respectively.

Likewise, the arrivals from Europe and the UK were calculated at 199,003 and 50,393 till October.

Meanwhile, the total number of visitors from the United States during the review period was 77,798, up by five percent compared to the last year.  In a similar fashion, the arrivals from Australian and Canadian stood at 30,900 and 14,474, respectively.

The NTB ascribes the increasing inflow of foreign travelers to the synergistic efforts being made by the government and the private sector to promote Nepali tourism.

The rise in tourist arrivals bodes well for the government’s target to bring in two million tourists by 2020.