Work in a result-oriented manner: Minister Pun

August 2: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, said the government introduced a new working style by signing service contracts with secretaries, and department chiefs. Stating that he would devote to people’s service, the Minister Pun directed the subordinate bodies to work in a result-oriented manner.

At the annual progress review meeting and the ministry-level development problem solution committee here Thursday (August 1). Minister Pun warned that he would not compromise with anyone who fails to meet the goals. “Now, don’t stick to process, but carry out works by preparing work plans. It is our common responsibility to implement the good initiatives the government has forwarded.

” The Minister further said none was allowed to stick to the posts if he/she does not deliver service. “Why one sticks to the posts of minister and secretary if there is no delivery,” he wondered. As the Minister said, the Ministry holds review meeting every month. “I need a result. If there is no result, I need to think for an alternative,” he continued warning.

The high-level officials at the Ministry were asked to allocate the job responsibility to the staffs with a clear definition. Progress on paper would do nothing. He drew the attention of chiefs of the subordinate offices to make reports by inspecting the national pride projects. On the occasion, Ministry Secretaries Dinesh Kumar Ghimire and Dr. Sanjay Sharma, and Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising made a presentation on the work progress under their leadership. RSS

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