Employment Information Management System comes into operation

-Ashok Ghimire
Kathmandu, October 2: The government has introduced the integrated employment information management system from October 1 to make the foreign employment ethnical and organised.
According to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, the system incorporates involvement and affiliation of multilateral agencies in relation to the foreign employment.
The system is updated with the information about the services from the Department of Immigration, Department of Passport and Department of Consular Service intending to make the role of the embassies easier on the assessment of the demand papers of the migrant workers.
Joint Secretary of the Ministry Krishna Gyawali said that the updated system is expected to ensure easy access to information on foreign employment besides ensuring effective performance of the training providing institutions, banks, insurances companies, orientation providing companies and other stakeholders.
With the use of this system, the embassies in the concerned countries can assess the demand papers of the employers of the destination countries with the entry of the details. This shall discourage the chance of the fraudulent activities and the activities of leaving Nepali migrants in stranded condition in the destination countries. The employers would be blacklisted if they did not comply with their own commitment about the promised service and facilities.
Likewise, two personnel would be assigned in each embassy for the data entry and review to bring this system into operation.
Prior to this, the government had the data only of those Nepali going abroad by taking approval from the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE). Likewise, the details of returnee migrant workers would be availed from the new system.
The system has also been linked with the system of the Department of Passport to discourage the possible carelessness and fake documents in the process of issuing labour permit. RSS

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