Alltech opens its country office in Lalitpur

Kathmandu, Oct 26: Alltech, an American company specializing in the production of feed additives, on Thursday opened its country office at Bhanimandal in Lalitpur.

Speaking in the program organized in the opening of the office, Alltech President and CEO Mark Lyons encouraged other companies to invest in Nepal, claiming that the market is booming here.“We needed the new markets and Nepal has such a booming market. So, we decided to open a country office here,” he added

Aman Sayed, Regional Director of the company for South Asia, said that Nepal has to learn a lot from the diary industry of India. The decision of the company to open its country office in Nepal comes in the wake of Nepal government’s decision to ban poultry feed that contains antibiotic. Alltech claims that its products do not have antibiotic contents.

Alltech products are available in 132 countries.

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