“Always abide by the ethics”

“When you perform you duties with indomitable passion, the results are sure to be remarkable. This is at least what I have extrapolated from my two-decade long professional experiences,” says Lalit Mishra, CEO of Universal Electrocom Pvt Ltd., a unit of Lucky Group.  

In 2000, he first started his professional journey by joining Universal Trading (later separated into Universal Electrocom ) as Supervisor. In this position, he was primly responsible for helping realize organizational goals by analyzing the competitors’ activities, assessing the relevant government policies etc.   After some years, Mishra got promoted to the post of Business Development Manager (BDM). 

“As a BDM, I worked towards identifying new markets, new partnerships and new ways to better meet the needs of existing markets. The prime purpose behind this was to generate new revenue to assist the company grow,” he shared.     

In 2009, he decided to quit Universal Trading to run a new company-SBH Trading Pvt Ltd – in partnership with his friends.  Mishra handled some of the vital tasks of this company dealing with power tools and appliances. After working here for three years, he decided to quit it for some reason.  

In 2013, Mishra entered into the Chaudhary Group  as Marketing and Sales Manager. Here, he was entrusted with the tasks of market promotion of some of the household products traded by the group. After some three years, Mishra left it to again rejoin Universal Electrocom Pvt Ltd in his current position.

“In 2016, Lucky Group asked me to again get affiliated to Universal Electrocom as CEO. The main reason behind this was that I had displayed up-to-the-mark performance while working there,” he divulges, adding,  ”Since I was also willing to take my carrier to the next level, I elatedly accepted the very job offer.”

For the last three/four years, this relatively young CEO has been steering the company in simply the right direction.  For instance, the annual sales volumes of home appliance products traded by it- Colours, Hitachi and Black and Decker- is growing by a whopping 20 to 25 percent. “Such growth can be attributed to two major factors. First, the overall market of electronics appliances in the country itself is expanding by 10 to 15 percent per year due mainly to the regular power supply. Second, our company leveraged customer-focused business strategies effectively.”

Mishra is someone who believes in taking up risks/challenges in a calculated way.

“The Nepali market is strictly volatile as it tends to face anomalies like liquidity crisis, interest rate fluctuations etc. As such, being prudently tactical is important to move forward the company in this kind if market,” he justifies.  

His Professional Mantra

Communicating with staff and clients

Communication is key if you really want to steer your company toward the path of growth. This applies to both directions, though. Make sure you’re communicating with your leadership team and employees on every vital organizational aspect. Similarly, you also need to stay in touch with your clients to fulfill their needs and expectations.

Abide by the ethics

Creating a positive and successful work environment calls for ethical behaviors.  Whether you are dealing with external parties (e.g. clients, government offices, suppliers) or internal parties (e.g. board members, staffers), a good CEO must be both legally and morally strong.

Make meaningful decisions.

Being a CEO, you naturally need to make major decisions to move forward the company.  So, while doing this, be sure to stay focused, adhere to a structured plan, and have an end goal in mind. It might also be a good idea to work with your team to make the major decisions meaningful.

 Know when to ask for help

Though a CEO carries a lot of clout, it doesn’t mean you can necessarily do everything by yourself. It, of course, isn’t weakness on the party of a CEO to ask for help. As such, it’s important to hire experienced and effective employees so they can effectively support you, while also offering innovative ideas.

  Always be determined

Being determined means not straying from achieving the set plans/goals.  That is why determination is a strong quality a good CEO must possess.  S/he is required to pursue the the organizational objectives by rising above several challenges, which sometimes may be utterly tough.  

His Personal Side

Born on August, 1974 in Dhanusha district

-Completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Tribhuwan University in 2053 BS

-Lives with a wife and 2 children

-Loves to engage in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and listening pravachan (spiritual discourses)

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