Bajra appoints Miss Nepal World 2018 Khatiwada as its brand ambassador

Kathmandu, December 1: Bajra Group has appointed Miss Nepal World(2018) Shrinkhala Khatiwada as its brand ambassador for the period of one year.

“There are two main reasons behind such an appointment. First, she has been able to positively impact the Nepali society with her sharp intellect and great gorgeous beauty.  Her representation of Nepal in Miss World 2018 is something that has made a history for Nepal a bigger public impact throughout the world. This is something which can be gleaned from the related youtube channels and social media networks like Facebook,” the source of Bajra Group explains adding, “Second, she is also an Architect by profession which is somehow correlated with our business of sanitary, bathroom products, and construction materials.  She not only properly understands the features of our products but also her professional ideas and working style are favorable for promoting our products in the market.”

“As an architect myself, I have found the products of Bajra Group meeting the international standards of quality with affordable luxury.  My association with the Bajra Group as it’s brand ambassador has much to do with this fact,” says Miss Khatiwada.  She expresses hope such association will help the group to further invigorate its footholds in the market.

For the last 28 years, the group has been distributing a wide range of sanitary products like bathroom accessories, ceramic tiles, floor laminates, lavatories, suits, construction materials & ensembles, etc. Such products being sold in the Nepali market belong to reputed international brands like Kohler, CRW, Somany, Porcelanosa, Cotto, Supreme, Aprachi, Lexicon, Bossini, Zoloto, Sanko, Jaquar and Hindware.

The group received various prestigious awards from Somany and other brands on for outstanding performance in the Nepal. It claims to command a lion’s share i.e 80 percent in the sanitary market of the country.  

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