“Patience and perseverance will pay off”

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. A well-acclaimed businessperson, Binayak Shah, firmly believes in this adage without an iota of doubt.  “In fact, if any person wishes to achieve success in a real sense, s/he must develop these personal traits. At least, this is what I have extrapolated from my four-decade-long professional journey.”

Shah first started his part-time job in the 1970s as a journalist in Gorkhapatra Corporation and Radio Nepal.  That time, he was basically involved in making, proof-reading and monitoring national/international news. “I was passionate about gaining information and knowledge on major national/international events and this particular job facilitated me to fulfill this passion.”    

After acquiring a master’s degree in economics, Shah then joined the department of commerce in 1977 and worked there for some 15 years. During his tenure there, he was entrusted with the responsibility of promoting the export of Nepali carpets in foreign countries. And, Shah did exhibit remarkable performance while executing his assigned tasks. For instance, a unique branding strategy developed by him helped boost the sales volume of Nepali carpets phenomenally.  Under such strategy, a marketing tagline “Do not buy Nepali carpets if you are looking only for quality” was developed to promote such carpets. Fortunately, it paid off in terms of emotionally appealing a large number of European customers to count on these products,” he shares adding,” The prime rationale behind this tagline was to assure the target customers  if they buy Nepali carpets, they will also be economically supporting the deprived people like Tibetan refugees involved in producing them as workers.”     

In 1992 AD, he resigned from the department to establish Nepal German Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He had to take such move because the new person who was assigned to look after the promotion of Nepali carpets to German failed in his duties. And, the export volume of such products to this foreign market started to plunge down.

 “The prime aim behind establishing this organization was to again streamline the export of Nepali carpets to the Germany market by resolving the problems hampering it,” he divulges. Shah worked there as its Chief Executive Officer till 2000 by taking several initiations to help bolster the export of Nepali carpets to Germany. 

Shah is also acting as project coordinator of the Implementing Expert Group (IEG), the official organizer appointed by the Government of Nepal for the organization of Nepal’s national participation at the World Expo. This is a large international exhibition which is being held in different parts of the word in every five years to showcase the achievements of nations.

In the Expo 2000 held in Hannover, Germany, Shah oversaw the entire conceptualization and execution of Nepal pavilion. “As leisure was the prime theme of the expo, we also took it as a big opportunity to promote Nepali tourism in the international arena. As such, the Nepal Pavilion was designed by amalgamating the life size images of half Pashupatinath and half Swyambhunath temples. The cardinal objective behind such design was to project Nepal as an unparalleled  tourism destination offering a unique religious/spiritual harmony between Hinduism and Buddhism.

According to Shah, the very design of the pavilion proved a phenomenal success in terms of branding Nepal in the global tourism market. “Till today, one can observe the positive impacts created by the Nepal pavilion when it comes to attracting tourists from Germany.”

The IEC, under his leadership, also took up the task of designing the Nepal Pavilion in the Expo Milano held in 2015 in Milan, Italy.

“The pavilion constructed in a pagoda style won the hearts of many international visitors  with its attractive design.  Moreover, it also aptly propagated the glimpse of Nepal’s distinguished cultural heritage ,” he shared.

The wide admiration and acknowledgement earned by the Nepal pavilions can be attributed to the hard efforts and meticulous planning made by him along with his team members. For instance, to construct the Nepal Pavilion in the Expo 2000 in the best possible manner, he had taken as many as 40 skilled artisans and 500 tonnes of required materials to Germany.  “When you invest your energy in something with full devotion, the results are bound to be fruitful,” he believes.

Shah is also someone who has carved his image as a suave hotelier. Since 2011, he has been successfully running the Airport Hotel in Sinamangal as its General Manager.

“From the very childhood, I have been very much passionate about cooking delicious foods and serving them to my friends and family. This passion is one prime reason that I ventured into the hospitality sector.” 

He was able to establish a good rapport with foreigners during the course of participating in various international expositions.  This is another main reason that impelled him to enter into the sector.

In an industry as dynamic and diverse as hospitality, you also get an opportunity to constantly enhance your professional knowledge and dexterities, Shah states.

According to him, the three-star Airport Hotel is doing fairly well by effectively complying with the set standards and criteria.  Under his leadership, the hotel seems to be gravitated towards offering both tangible and intangible values to its guests.

In fact, this debonair hotelier has also been working as an executive member of the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) for the last seven years.  After acting as general secretary of the HAN, he has recently been elected as its first vice -president.

“There is a need to work proactively to streamline the growth of Nepali hotel industry. I am committed to help fulfill such need through  ethics, vision and hard-work, he divulges.  

His Personal Side

-Born in Kathmandu on 26 September, 1953.

-Married to Shanta Rajya Laxmi Singh Rathour and has one son and daughter

-Master’s Degree in Economics and Specialization in International Marketing Management / Event / Exhibition Management.

-Loves to travel and play sports for refreshment and recreation.

-Passionate to read books that help his professional career.

-Believes in the philosophy of  live and let live

Recipient of Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Prakhyat Trisakttipatt and several Awards and Recognitions

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