Employees contribute 10 percent of a month salary to COVID-19 prevention fund

Galkot, March 24 : Employees serving at the Tarakhola rural municipality of the Baglung district have announced to contribute 10 percent of their one-month salary to the Coronavirus Infection Prevention, Control and Treatment Fund instituted by the government.

The rural municipality employees proactively came up with the announcement to be the part of the national campaign to fight against COVID-19.

Jeet Sunar, planning officer of Tarakhola, shared the employees would contribute 10 percent of a month salary to the fund. “One and all should cooperate to the move during the time of crisis from their end,” Sunar said, adding that the cooperation from all sides could help the country get rid of the pandemic’. He informed that 35 employees of the rural municipality are contributing Rs 115,000 to the Fund. –

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