Encouraging investment in small industries in Banke

Banke, June 18: Investment in small and cottage industries has been encouraging in Banke district. More and more cottage industries are starting in the district of late and the investment is also found growing. The environment of operating industries has become conducive with political stability and the resolution of the problem of shortage of electricity, although partly.

Apart from the cottage and small industries, many big industries with millions of investment are coming into operation in Banke. Eight hundred and thirty industries have been registered in the district until mid-May 2019 of the fiscal year 2018/2019.

Among the registered industries, 697 are private firms, 62 are partnership enterprises and 71 are private limited companies. Most of the registered industries are in the process of operation. Industries registered within the current fiscal year and which are operating have provided employment opportunity to around 4000 people. RSS

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