Experts call for proper utilisation and management of uranium mines

Experts have said that the government should go for the proper utilisation and management of uranium deposits which have been discovered in different regions in the country including trans-Himalayan Mustang and Chure. At a virtual interaction programme ‘Nuclear science and society’ organized by the Nepal Russian Science Society on Tuesday (August 11) with coordination support from Nepal Astronomical Society, they said so.

Chair of Nepal Nuclear Society Dr Kamal Krishna Shrestha, NAST senior scientist Dr Buddha Ram Saha, Science Teachers’ Society central chair Khill Kumar Pradhan, Prof Dr Neelam Shrestha of Tribhuvan University and Nepal Council of World Affairs chair Hemanta Kharel underscored the urgency of proper production and utilization of uranium discovered in different parts of the country. On the occasion, senior radiologist of Institute of Medicine Teaching Hospital Dr Umesh Prasad Khanal said the human resource working at radiology section in health facilities are at risk. He pointed out the need of carrying out study on the methods adopted while using machines such as X-ray, video x-ray and CT-Scan.

Russian Science Society chair and former minister Ganesh Saha said discussion on the management of radio-active substances was initiated considering its gravity. He shared that he had connected Nepal to the global community as a member of the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency when he was the Minister for Science in 2008. The programme was organized to commemorate the massive loss of lives and destruction of properties due to atomic bomb explosion in Japan’s two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on August 6 and 9 in 1945.

Though nuclear science has witnessed rise in the investment at global level, Nepal has not yet drawn its attention to that end and initiated informed debate on the potential loss stemming from mismanagement of radioactive materials. The experts also noted that there have been no adequate text books and curriculum on nuclear science at the school and university level. On the occasion, they highlighted the engagement of Nepal in the research and commercial activities of nuclear science and its positive impacts in economic and social development of Nepali society. RSS

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