Govt to provide short-term employment to 100 thousand youths

May 15: The government has planned to provide short-term employment to 100 thousand youths by the end of the current fiscal year. They would be provided with an opportunity to work for a livelihood, by creating jobs within the country under the Prime Minister Employment Programme.

In a bid to create employment at the local level, the government has already allocated Rs 2.36 billion for conditional grants for all local levels. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security sent the budget to all local levels through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. Under the programme, the jobs for 32,000 working days are expected to be created.

The Labour Ministry has issued the work procedure on community projects on remuneration based on work (operation and management) 2076. By the end of this fiscal year i.e. after two months, 30 days of employment will be created for 106,782 persons. The works will be generated in the sectors of construction and repair of roads, agriculture and irrigation, health and sanitation, education, forest and watershed, and tourism among others.

The local levels will get the conditional loan amounting from Rs 400 thousand to Rs 10 million. Among the total budget sent to the local levels, 74 per cent would be spent on wage to labour while 25 per cent utilized for buying tools for the operation of the projects and one per cent for project management. The government has set up the employment service centre at the local level for the implementation of the Prime Minister Employment Programme and also mobilized coordinator for it. RSS

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