Nepal-India Joint Secretary level meeting begins

The Joint Secretary level meeting of Nepal and India has started. The two-day meeting between the joint secretary level of the two countries started in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

In the meeting, Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project, Head Regulator and Indo-Nepal Link Canal from Tanakpur Barrage, construction of a road connecting Nepal-India border Tanakpur-Mahendranagar, release of irrigation water in Chandni-Dodhara area, the Saptakoshi High Dam Multipurpose Project, Sunkoshi Storage and Diversion Scheme will be discussed in the meeting.

Similarly, issues related to the Koshi and Gandaki projects and the activities of various bilateral committees will be discussed. The problems of inundation and erosion by other rivers flowing from Nepal to India, the status of newly raised works on Khando, Banganga and West Rapti rivers are also said to be discussed.

The flight from Nepal to India, problems caused by Mahali Sagar, erosion by the Mahakali River in Bhujela village and Nepal-India border issues will be discussed.

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