Kumari partners with Sarathi

Kathmandu, August 30: Kumari Bank Limited has announced to partner with the app-based taxi service Sarathi Pvt Limited for digital payment. As per the announcement, those people using the taxi service offered by an app-based Sarathi will be able to pay for such service through QR payment technology.

The technology facilitates the passengers of the cabs of Sarathi to make payment through the mobile banking app or fonepay network of the bank. “Both the taxi drivers and passengers stand to accrue benefits from QR payment technology.

The earning of taxi drivers will be immediately deposited in the saving account of the concerned bank with an attractive interest rate. Similarly, the passengers can pay for the service in a sage and secure manner by using biometric login,” states the bank.

The attractive scheme has also been announced with an aim to promote QR payment technology. Under the scheme, drivers will receive Rs 15 as a bonus in every transaction made through such technology. Similarly, Rs 20 will be provided to the passengers as cashback for such transaction.