More fuel than market demand: NOC

Kathmandu, October 15: The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has said that fuel has been supplied to the market in adequate quantity so as to prevent its shortage in the market during the festival period.
According to the NOC’s Thankot Depot, fuel has been provided as per the demand placed by the petrol stations in the Kathmandu Valley. Chief engineer at the depot, Bharat Regmi said that one million 150 thousand litres petrol and 750 thousand litres diesel has been supplied to various petrol pumps in the Valley today.
The depot had supplied adequate quantity of fuel in the market on Sunday as well. One million 38 thousand litres petrol and one million 29 thousand litres diesel was supplied to various petrol stations in the Valley on Sunday, it is stated.
Regmi said that there would not be shortage of fuel under any circumstances as the quantity as demanded by the petrol stations has been supplied.
Regarding the queue of vehicles seen at some petrol stations, he said this may be because the vehicles exiting Kathmandu Valley for various destinations wanted to fill up fuel to the full at the same time.
“NOC has supplied adequate quantity of fuel to the market. The queue of vehicles might have been seen as all vehicles went to fill up at the same time,” he explained. He insisted that there would not be shortage of fuel.
The NOC has kept 10 of its employees on stand-by at Thankot depot for any contingency. RSS

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