Ratsasan: An awesome thriller

By P Rijesh

Ratsasan (Demon) is a Tamil language psychological crime thriller film released in 2018, written and directed by Ram Kumar, featuring Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in the principal roles.  It is a story of a psycho serial killer.

 I read an article which stated “It is one of the best psycho- thrillers of Indian cinema” and I truly second that statement. Right from the first frame, the movie makes the audience gripped and hooked. The concept, execution, screenplay and even the dubbed dialogues seems interesting and the voice of the dubbing artist matches to the character’s personality. Apart from the script, the background music is killer. 

The sound of the piano and other BGM’s create a kind of fear to the audience. Art direction is also one of the plus points of the film, especially when it shows the house of the killer, as it looks like a haunted house. The family drama is shown in a cute manner and best thing is that it is not stretched for too long. Though the love story of the lead pair seems unnecessary at some moments and overstrained, but when the film reaches to its third act the spectators don’t want it to be over.  The performances are brilliant and the show stealers are: the lady inspector, villain and our hero. It is quite surprising that it is the first thriller directed by Ram Kumar, as it feels like it’s been directed by an experienced filmmaker. However, Ram Kumar made a comedy before this and it’s his second film.

In a conclusion, I would like to say that even if you are not a big fan of psycho- thrillers, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. But I recommend it for everyone as it gives a feeling of watching an awesome thriller.

Note: It has been remade in Telegu starring Bellamkonda Srinivas in 2019. 

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