CAN to set up provincial offices in all seven provinces

Kathmandu, October 8: The Chefs Association of Nepal (CAN) is going to set up offices in all seven provinces in a bid to incorporate local cuisines and promote them at the national and international arena.
At the 24th annual general assembly of CAN held here, CAN President Shree Ram Adhikari shared that offices to be established in all seven provinces would identify the local ethnic cuisines and promote them which he believed would boost the growth of tourism and hospitality industry in the country.
Adhikari further shared, “Nepal, being a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, has diverse types of local food. In view of promoting them, we also aim to set up cuisine museum.”
The Association aspires to globally promote 26 Nepali cuisines, which the officials in the CAN are confident that they would help attract food connoisseurs from abroad to Nepal.
Adhikari informed that they would promote Nepali cuisine in countries like India, China, Japan, Turkey and Australia to aid ‘Vision 2020’ aimed at attracting 20 million tourists in Nepal.
Similarly, Association’s Secretary-General Uddav Thapa informed that the Association was effortful to attract foreign tourists towards the unique Nepali food. “It’s imperative to promote our local cuisine among tourists visiting Nepal.”
“A Cuisine Festival will be organized in the next Nepali New Year (April, 2019) in Bhaktapur with an objective of promoting Nepali cuisine globally,” added Secretary-General Thapa.
The Association is also scheduled to partake in the ‘World Heritage Cuisine Summit-2018’ to be held in Amritsar city of India from October 12 this year.
The umbrella organization of Nepali culinary professionals across country was established in 1996 and has more than 2000 members, comprising culinary professionals.
The Association facilitates training with the foreigner culinary professionals as well as imparts training to those seeking to build a career in the culinary profession. RSS

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