Hotels, resorts to be used as quarantines

May 22 : Hotels and resorts are to be used as quarantine facilities for the Nepali people to be brought from abroad amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Minister for Urban Development, Rambir Manandhar, in a discussion program held at the capital yesterday, shared this information.

“The government will pay a certain amount to the currently vacant hotels and resorts in the country for accommodating the Nepalis especially those returning from the GULF countries for certain period of time,” he said.

Stating that some weaknesses have been seen in the management of quarantine in some places, the state minister said the government is making necessary coordination with the concerned parties towards correcting them.

The government has assigned him the responsibility of managing and facilitating the quarantines throughout the country.

According to him, 518 beds have already been arranged for quarantine in the Kathmandu Valley alone and around 65 thousand such beds are being readied across the country .


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