Mundum Trail figures among best three tourism destinations

Bhojpur, October 10: Foreign tourists who have come here as part of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 have recognised the ‘Mundum Trail’ of Bhojpur as one of the best three tourist destinations in Nepal. These tourists have so far visited 43 touristic areas of the country, including the Mundum Trail which figures in the list of 100 best tourism destinations identified by the Government of Nepal.

The seven American tourists who had visited and trekked the Mundum Trail area for 10 days billed the Mundum Trail as the among the best three tourism destinations in Nepal. They visited Maiyungdanda, Temkedanda and Hanspokhari, among other places, included in the Trail.

They, however, could not visit Silichung due to bad weather. The American tourists were given a farewell on the conclusion of their trekking. Addressing the farewell programme, Rural Municipality chairman Dhruba Raj Rai thanked the tourists for visiting the Mundum Trail despite bad weather and urged them to publicize about the area back home in America. RSS