“Consumers don’t need to be jittery on the supply of cooking gas”

Kathmandu, November 21: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has asked the general consumers not to get anxious about the supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the market, according to media sources.

Such appeal came in the wake of consumers worrying that the supply of cooking gas will get interrupted because of the current Nepal-India border dispute.   

“They seem to be rushing to buy LPG in the market suspecting its possible shortage. But they do not need to panic as the supply of cooking gas is smooth,” the sources quoted the NOC officials as saying.

Stating that “some elements” are bent to spread false rumors about the scarcity of LPG, the officials also urge the state agencies to arrest them.

The NOC suspects that LPG bottlers and distributors themselves are trying to cash on the situations to serve their own vested interest.

As the private sector enjoys a monopoly in LPG trading in the country, it is creating obstacles in ensuring an effective supply of cooking gas. As such, the NOC plans to start trading LPG under its own brand name to end such market monopoly.

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