‘Farmer-government partnership’ for Karnali development

Surkhet, April 13: In order to alleviate poverty, the Karnali State government has brought into operation the ‘farmer-government’ partnership programme.

Bimala KC, the spokesperson of Karnali state government, shared that pilot programme has been kicked off in the most disadvantaged local levels and wards of the state for poverty elimination. She said this In her address to the closing of ‘state-level planning, work procedure formation and implementation training’ held at Birendranagar in Surkhet on Friday (April 12).

She urged the employees to concentrate their efforts to deliver service to the public. Spokesperson KC, also the minister for land management, agriculture and cooperative, also cautioned the concerned agency to design and deliver the future programme to benefit the end beneficiaries. In lack of proper coordination, there was a duplication in planning, programme and budget in the previous years, she said, highlighting the need of high-level coordination among all three tiers of the governments for country’s development and prosperity

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